Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday News:

It’s been an interesting week with the new work.  I’ve been leaving my house at 7am and only arriving home at 5:30pm.  I absolutely love the work I’m doing.  Sometimes I am a little scared because they expect so much of me and I am not 100% convinced that it is within my abilities to do everything that is required of me, but I will give the work my very best.  I may not actually talk about my work, due to confidentiality agreements, but just know that I have learned so much in this short time, and I am going to continue learning more and more as time progresses.

I on Friday I officially had the laundry basket empty for the first time since I moved into this townhouse.  It isn’t empty anymore, but at least it was, so I know that I am succeeding with keeping the laundry under control.  Due to being out of the house from 7am until 5:30pm, there is only one way that I have been able to keep up with the housework and that is getting up at 5:30am and only going to bed at 10pm or later.  I fill the washing machine the night before so that in the morning I just need to turn it on as soon as I wake up.  I hang out the laundry before heading to work.  As soon as I get home in the evenings I change into sneakers and then bring the laundry in, I fold and put away immediately.  If anything needs to be ironed, then I do it the night before I plan to wear it.  This routine has allowed me to keep the laundry under control while working outside the home.

Home Church:
Our home church group has really grown.  We had 8 people there last Thursday, and 5 regular attendee’s were not there!  I have met a few new people and they are all wonderful.  This past week we discussed how the church has changed in the last 100 years (more or less) and that also moved onto how our actions are impacting the current teenagers and their belief.  A few of the changes we noticed included:
  • Women covering their heads and men removing their caps/hats
  • The way we dress for church (become more casual)
  • The style of worship music being played
  • How we pray and read God’s word at home – are we showing God the respect he deserves?
  • Involvement in charity
Those are the main themes we covered during our Home Church.

On Friday night I went to watch Cars 2 with William and 3 of our friends.  Needless to say, William did not enjoy it at all, he thought it was a horrible movie and was bored the whole way through.  On the other hand, 2 of our friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it wasn’t the best movie we have ever watched, but it was great entertainment for an evening and there were so many subtle references to various makes of cars.  I enjoyed it enough to buy the DVD for my collection. The 3rd friend didn’t give a comment.  After the movie we went to a coffee shop for drinks. 
It was a moment of temptation for me since William ordered whisky and my female friend ordered a Cosmopolitan cocktail, but I stuck to my ground and ordered a hot drink that was a mixture of Hot chocolate and Espresso.  I was backed up by the host of our home church group since he ordered a Chocolate milkshake directly after I placed my order, so I wasn’t the only one not drinking.  The third friend just had a glass of water.

Last night (Saturday) William and I had a Braai at my house.  My friend Theresa (female friend) joined us, and so did Mark (Home Church host), Hannes and Michelle.  Hannes introduced us to Michelle, since we haven’t met her before.  It was nice having her here.
William and Theresa were at the braai until the meat was ready.  Mark and I sat inside and played Band Hero on the Nintendo Wii – it was a bit too cold outside for us.  Hannes and Michelle joined us when they got here, although Hannes spent his time between the two groups.
We all had so much fun though.  After supper Mark and I continued playing Band Hero, Hannes and Michelle said goodbye and William and Theresa sat talking about the fish tanks.
I only got to bed after midnight, but spending time with friends like that is worth it.