Monday, June 18, 2012

Admirable Character Traits of Disney Princesses (Part 10)

This is the final chapter of the Disney Princess series that I started.  The last princess is Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.

I personally prefer her at the end of the movie with the short brunette hair, but that’s just me…

Rapunzel is unique in that she expresses what most 18 year old girls in the modern world feel.  How many parents or boyfriends have said to their young loves “What do you want? Just tell me what you want!” and the young woman replies with tears in her eyes “I have no idea what I want!”

Rapunzel knew she wanted to see the lanterns, she knew she didn’t want to disappoint her “mother”, she knew she wanted out of her tower, she knew she was scared of the world outside the tower – see the contradictions here?  She was truly a confused teenager.  But she has some amazing character traits that we can learn from her.

  1. Mastered her natural talents – she studied and practiced as much as she could in her tower.  She learned to bake, sew, paint, and many other activities.  She was always looking for something to do and she didn’t allow herself to become idle, if she had a talent for something she learned to do it well.
  2. Kind – all the Disney Princesses are kind to others, and Rapunzel is no exception.  She is kind to the people around her and even those who are “undesirables” in society.
  3. Charismatic – even though she had been starved of human interaction in her tower, she was extremely charismatic and knew how to handle people.  She was able to get people to do what she wanted them to do, but she never abused this ability by getting people to do things that were bad, rather to get people to do good things.
  4. Adventurous – she loved the adventure of travelling to see the lights.  Even though she was scared, and showed it at times, it never stopped her from continuing her journey.
  5. Adapts quickly – when she left her tower she was shy and a bit jumpy, but she grew and adapted to the outside world quickly and fit right in with the people around her.
  6. Overcomes her fears – I think her biggest trait though is her ability to overcome her fears.  During her quest she was afraid of many things, but with internal difficulty she overcomes each fear.  How often are we held back by our fears? But when we overcome them we really move forward in life!


  1. Tangled is very popular in our house! I enjoy the depiction of inner turmoil Rapunzel goes through about disobeying her "mother." She really wants to do what's right, but when you're transitioning from child to adult knowing what's right and choosing your path isn't always easy.

    You'll have to extend this series soon...the new Disney princess movie Brave comes out this Friday!

    1. Hello Christephi, I also the depiction of the inner turmoil Rapunzel goes though. This is truly a remarkable movie and very accurate to how teenagers her age feel today. I'll definitely make a post about Brave as soon as I have watched it. Release dates of movies in South Africa are usually a little later than in the USA, I see the release date here is the 3rd of August, so I'll only be able to extend the series then.