Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Admirable Character Traits of Disney Princesses (Part 7)

This Disney princess is definitely the most independent woman of them all.


I remember that my cousin dressed up as Pocahontas for one of her birthday parties.  I must be honest, that this specific cousin’s personality really matches that of Pocahontas!

So what are the character traits of this out of the box Disney Princess that we can admire?

  1. See’s common ground – The one trait of Pocahontas that stands out is that she is able to find common ground among people no matter how different they are from each other.  She’ll focus on the what people have in common more than their differences.
  2. Brave – she is brave, and brave in a stronger way than Belle was.  While Belle took a brave approach in the face of danger, she was still very sensitive. Pocahontas on the other hand is naturally brave and will even stand up against others when her life is on the line.  She seems to have no fear.
  3. Nature Lover – she loves nature and being in the natural world.  I love this about her because one of our first commandments, as Christians, was to care for the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:15).
  4. Teacher – she would eagerly teach others what she knew to be true.  I see this in the way she taught John Smith about the natural world.
  5. Compassionate – She cared about other people, animals and nature.  She would see their point of view even if she didn’t fully understand it.
  6. Spiritual – This is a touchy subject, but let’s not debate her beliefs compared to Christian beliefs, let’s focus on the character trait of being spiritual instead.  Pocahontas was a deeply spiritual person, she was in touch with the spirit in herself, the spirit of others and the spirit of the world.  Let’s translate this into a Christian context, it is a positive trait to be spiritual and focused on the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), because ultimately we are here to serve God and serve our brothers/sisters.  Being so spiritual, can translate in Christianity to being strong in ones faith.
  7. Wise – She is a wise young woman, and see’s the world for the way it is.  How can one accurately describe wisdom?

Now these are the traits I have seen in Pocahontas.  What others can you spot?  Leave it in a comment below!

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