Monday, June 11, 2012

Admirable Character Traits of Disney Princesses (Part 6)

Jasmine, the headstrong princess.  My oh my, what to say about her….


Jasmine is such a unique character.  She has it all, wealth, good looks, charm, intelligence… and an only child!  A long story short, Jasmine is the spoiled rich girl.  She has everything, but what about her positive character traits?

  1. Guards her heart – she is not the sort of woman to give her heart to any man.  She is a princess and he needs to prove himself worthy of her love and her heart.  I think this is such an important trait for a woman to have.
  2. Values character over wealth – maybe it is because she doesn’t need any more wealth, but I would like to believe Jasmine truly valued a man’s character over his financial background or reputation.
  3. Loving and generous – she was a loving woman, you can see it in how much she cared for her father and pet tiger.  It can also be seen in the way she helped the child reach for the apple.
  4. Clever – even though she was naive in regards to the world, she was a clever woman and I imagine she was well-educated.
  5. Confident – Princess Jasmine always held her head high, she always gave the impression that she was sure of herself and who she was.

There are a few other character traits of Jasmine’s that could be seen in a negative light, but if they are channelled/managed correctly, they can be very powerful personality traits.

  1. Head-strong – She had her beliefs and nobody could tell her otherwise.  This trait can very easily be a negative because if a person is head-strong about the wrong things you are bound to fail.  But being head-strong about righteous causes can be an amazing positive trait.  For example, a mother being head-strong in raising her children according to Biblical principles.
  2. Outspoken – this trait also has the potential to be a negative.  If a person is outspoken and their words are hurtful to another then this definitely is a negative.  Take an example where an outspoken lady stood up for somebody who was being pushed down by others.  The friend had a passive personality and would just take all the harmful words, going home to cry about it later, the outspoken woman spoke out on behalf of the passive friend.  In a case like this, being outspoken can be a positive, but it must be used correctly.

So these are the traits I’ve spotted in Princess Jasmine, can you spot any more?

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