Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to find a man?

2793_wpm_lowresThis is a topic that is extremely popular among women.  I can guarantee that all the woman in the world who are attracted to men, who want to find a man and get married, are dreaming of a gentleman.  You can read my article on the Character Traits of a Gentleman here
I don’t know any lady that dreams of marrying a man who shows up at home, kicks off his smelly boots, calls for a beer, plonks himself down on the sofa and watches TV for 6 hours before neglecting to take a shower and climbing into bed next to her.  If you are a woman who dreams of this, please let me know by leaving a comment so I can be proven wrong.
I am sure that most women dream of marrying a man who shows up at home, dances with her in the kitchen while kissing and holding her, greets the children (if there are any), helps her cook supper (or keeps her company while she cooks), then does the dishes while she takes a bubble bath (joining her when the dishes are done) and finally snuggling into bed with her, to hold her tight the whole night long.
I am sorry to say this, but men like the one I described in the above paragraph are few and far between.  In a world where everything revolves around instant gratification, a woman looking for a man urgently is more likely to be disappointed and heart broken time and time again. 
The key here is that you are urgently looking for the man.  You are asking, where to find a man, and you are searching for an instant gratification, with the romance marriage and a happily ever after.  You are not capable of being patient and waiting for the right man.  You are not requiring men to treat you with love an respect.  The more women settle, the lazier men become.
A little secret… You know the men, like the one you are looking for?  They do exist.  They are not impossible to find.  I know this because I have one in my life.  The trick to winning a gentleman’s heart is to become a lady.  That is right, a lady.  You need to treat yourself how you want to be treated by men.  If you see yourself like a princess then men will treat you like a princess.
I don’t know if you are a Christian, but I am.  Something that I look for in a man is that he must be striving to be a Godly man.  He must be honourable, trustworthy, honest and loving (especially to the women in his life).
But what do women do?  The number of women looking for a good man who won’t play with their hearts number in the thousands.  The number of women asking the question “where to find a man?” number in the hundreds of thousands.  The number of men trying to be gentlemen, well, that is considerably less.  I personally believe the number of gentlemen is less because the number of women who are settling for less than gentlemen is extremely high.  A man looking for a good time knows that he can phone you, and if you say no then he can phone Susan, Jane, Mary, Abbey, Rachel and Karen too, one of them will be willing to go on a date within 1 hour and most likely let him spend the night too.
Just throwing a Bible verse too:
In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace! – Isaiah 4:1
If you know nothing of the Jewish and Christian Bible, Isaiah was a prophet that wrote a book and this verse is one of his predictions.
I interpret that verse in the modern context, that women are falling head over heals for righteous, Godly, gentlemen, because there are so few on them left in the world.
So what can we, as women do?  Where to find a man?
  1. Us, as women, need to stand together.  If enough women refuse to accept less than the best in a man, then the man will be forced to either a) remain single all his life, b) look to other men for comfort or c) become the gentleman women dream of.
  2. Women, those who have children, need to raise their boys to be gentlemen and their daughters to accept nothing less than a gentleman.
  3. Women, you need to better yourselves!  You need to
    • dress like a lady worthy of respect, not a street corner business woman. 
    • Expect men to treat you with respect, and treat yourself with respect.  You are an amazing person and if you don’t think so, why not?  Fix it!  I know you can!
    • Learn skills in homemaking.  I heard on the radio the other day that God created Eve as a version 2 of Adam.  Sure, women can do everything a man can do… the feminist movement has proven that.  Women can be doctors, scientists, mathematicians, business women, programmers etc.  But what the feminist movement doesn’t mention is that Woman can do certain thing better than 90% of the men out there, they can be better mothers, homemakers, lovers, friends and caregivers than most men. 
If you want a to find a man, then it is important to develop the womanly/feminine qualities because that is what the gentlemen are attracted to.  Take a look at my Disney Princess Series for character traits of women
This is just my 2 cents worth.  Take it or leave it as you wish.

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