Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Character Traits of a Gentleman

After my Disney Princess series there was some interest in the character traits of a gentleman.  Now, while I by no means claim to be an expert on character traits of gentlemen, I can definitely give some basic guidelines that aspiring gentlemen can follow, and mothers can use while raising their boys into admirable men.

A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen. – source unknown.

So here are some of the character traits that I appreciate in a man and I feel that a man who possesses these traits is most definitely a modern day gentleman.

  1. Polite – a gentleman is well mannered. 
    1. He will stand aside at a doorway when a lady wishes to go through. 
    2. He will not speak any profanities in front of a woman and keeps the other men in his company in check. 
    3. Naturally he won’t put the other men down in front of a lady, but rather call them aside privately if their manners are questionable. 
    4. He will open a car door for a woman. 
    5. He will pull a chair out for the lady at a dinner table. 
    6. He will treat all those around him with respect and courtesy regardless of their station in life. 
    7. If he asked a woman for a date he will pay for the date (I am a firm believer in that the person who asks pays)
  2. Honest – If he says something it is the truth, and he will honour his commitments.  Meaning, if he says he will phone someone, he will phone them.  If he says “I’ll text you” then he will actually text you. 
  3. Intelligent – a gentleman takes an interest in learning and furthering his knowledge.
    1. He’ll read books and magazines that provide him with information for decent conversations (Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Newspapers etc.)
    2. He’ll study to further his knowledge on topics of interest and practice his talents.
  4. Witty – a gentleman never resorts to toilet humour, but does have a sharp wit that is never hurtful or vulgar.  When I think of gentlemanly humour I think of the classic British Sitcoms, like Black Adder, Keeping Up Appearances, etc.
  5. Talented – a gentleman discovers his talents and develops them whatever they are.  If he is a talented musician he will master the instrument.  If he is a talented sportsman, he will master his sport.  Everyone has a talent, it just takes time to discover what it is and master it.  Even if the gentleman’s talent is cooking, he will learn to master it.
  6. Modest – a gentleman is modest at all times.  He will not brag about his accomplishments, but allow his accomplishments to speak for themselves.  He is humble and not scared to apologize when he is in the wrong.
  7. Champion – a gentleman will protect those weaker than himself at all costs.  He is a hero to his wife/sister/mother/children.  He is his sons first hero and his daughters first knight.  He is his wife’s King and his mothers Prince.
  8. Well dressed – a gentleman takes pride in his appearance.  He will be well dressed and well groomed at all times.  He will have good personal hygiene, his clothes will be without holes and his shoes will be clean.
  9. Culturally aware – a gentleman is knowledgeable about worldly events.  He is up to date with the latest developments in the culture and world around him.  He will lend a helping hand at charity events without any expectation of something in return.  He will also be willing to attend an opera, orchestra, theatre production, movie, art show etc. and not complain the whole way through, although he may respectfully say at the end that it wasn’t his cup of tea and doubts he will go again.

These are the character traits I see in gentlemen and the character traits I appreciate in a man.  If only there were more men like this in the world.

Ladies, please take an effort to raise your sons with these manners, his future wife and children will thank you for it.

Men, please strive to be a gentleman!


  1. Positively wonderful!! This is what has een needing to be said!! Thanks for a wonderful post.

    1. You are welcome Ruth. Thank you for the compliment!