Monday, June 4, 2012

Admirable character traits of Disney Princesses (Part 3)

The third princess in the series is princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty.

 Princess aurora21.jpg

Aurora is a princess who appears to not show much “personality” during the movie, so I found it rather difficult to find her character traits, but I think that this may be one of her character traits.  So here is my list of admirable qualities that she has, that I feel women should strive to possess.

  1. Soft Spoken – when she speaks she is soft and gentle, she is never loud or harsh.
  2. Sophisticated Air – she comes across as a princess, and I suppose she would expect anyone to treat her with respect. She is the sort of women who would be classified as a Lady.
  3. Kind and Selfless – She was always kind to others despite having the sophisticated air about her, and she would put other people’s needs above her own.
  4. Obedient – For the most part, she listened obediently and followed instructions.

And those are the character traits I saw in Aurora, can anyone think of any more?

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