Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lego City

I simply have to share the photo’s I took of MY Lego City this morning:

This is one of the pictures of my Lego City.  You’ll notice the building with the Red Roof.  This is actually 2 Lego sets that I own which were combined to make the Museum.  Mark added the entrance and wall in front last night… it is meant to be part of a ruined castle.


This is the station I got with the passenger train set.  I added in the barrier and the turn gate from parts of other sets.


What was left of the stable, was used to make this area for all the horses.  You will also notice the mechanic’s garage in the background which Mark made to house the motorbike, the only broken piece in my Lego sets (which I started collecting at 2 years old in 1987).


This picture shows the Blue and Red house, which was the first BIG Lego set I owned.  It went off the market in 1987.  All the pieces are still there, but the men are a little faded.  It has been built on a different platform though so there would be more garden area.  I also improved the fireplace on the side.  You’ll also notice the lighthouse restaurant and the main street.  In the front right there is a postman with a letter box that I made.


This picture is of a little beach bar that I made on Friday night, and the reason Mark and I were late in meeting our friends for supper – I had inspiration and wanted to finish!


I also made the rock pool fishing area on Friday night using the pieces left over from other sets.  I still have all the pieces to all the sets, just some of them don’t fit in with the theme Mark and I were creating (like the fort), so we are using the sets to make things that fit in with the theme.


This is the entire city as it looked this morning (we have made changes to it during the day.  The photo’s on those changes will be coming later.  The city takes up the baseboard of a single bed.


And this is a hint on how we are expanding Lego City.  This is the construction in progress!


What I love the most about Lego it can keep a creative mind entertained for hours.  It allows me to work with my hands.  It is an innocent distraction.  It brings back memories of my childhood and it is just general FUN!  It is definitely something I’ll never grow out of.

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