Saturday, June 9, 2012

The traditional woman

I’m taking a break from the Disney Princess series to write about The traditional woman.

A little while ago I read an article written by a man who basically accused women who wanted to be more “traditional” in their role as a women (meaning, man should be the bread winner and woman the stay at home mom) of being lazy and looking for a free ride off a man. (see article here:

I must say that when the “Super-model” woman (whose only interest is in day spa’s and living a luxurious life) tells her man that she is a traditional woman then I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article above.  HOWEVER, I strongly disagree with the article, because I see that what he is thinking of is not a true traditional woman.

I would describe a traditional woman as follows (please note this would be a woman who relies on her husband to provide, and any income she makes from hobbies is a bonus):

  • Feminine, kind and soft hearted.  She honestly wouldn’t cope in a corporate or working world – it would literally break her.
  • Hard worker within the home.  She is the sort of woman who would not hire a maid.  She would do all the cooking and cleaning herself, unless it is definitely too much for her to handle, or her husband is so wealthy he can afford one so she can focus on other tasks around the house.
  • Raise the children.  Whether the children do home schooling or go to a school, she would be available to them and raise them without a nanny, au pair, babysitter or day care.
  • Her hobbies are things which benefit the household.  Things like sewing, knitting, baking, gardening, and so on.  These could save money within the household, or earn money for the household.
  • Any other hobbies would benefit the community she lives in.  These could be things like fund-raisers for soup kitchens or orphanages, or even being the ear to listen to her friends and neighbours problems over a cup of coffee.  Or helping her husband advance in his career by nurturing friendships with key people in the business.
  • When her husband is at home, she wants to fulfil his needs, whether that is bringing him a beer while he watches TV or other things that are definitely not PG13.

So if a woman is truly a traditional woman, as she says she is, then marrying one is by far a very smart move any man can make because ultimately he is getting a maid, a cook and a nanny by providing for 1 persons basic needs (and I am sure that it would cost a lot more to hire one of these three than support a wife!)  Not only does he get all three in one woman, but he also could benefit from her hobbies in other small ways that definitely add up over time.

I’m not saying a man should only considering marrying a traditional woman, women who work bring other advantages (a second income) to the household.  And I am not saying every woman should be a traditional lady.  There are definitely woman who would go crazy being stay-at-home moms.  All I am saying is that if you are one of these women who would thrive as a housewife don’t feel you have to get a job (unless you don’t have a man who can to support you – then you better find a job quickly).  And men, if you find a traditional woman (in the true sense of the word) then hang onto her, and treat her like you would treat a queen, because ultimately she is a gem!

For more on the traditional woman, read Proverbs 31:10-31

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