Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Challenge: Drinking Water (Day 0)

If you haven’t heard of FlyLady yet and you either (a) have children, (b) need to do at least some housework, (c) are not a Born Organized, (d) feel you have lost control of your home life, or (e) All of the above then I recommend you check out the following website:

I am in no way connected with FlyLady and I am not receiving any money to post this.  I’ve been fluttering along to FlyLady for a few years now and her methods have helped me stay organized and in control of my home life.  So am just an honest person telling you about something that has helped me (I have never bought any of her products though).

This month FlyLady is encouraging her followers to drink their water.  And I have taken up the challenge in my life.  I went to the this website and used it to calculate how much water I need to drink a day.  It has worked out to 1449ml, so I bought a 1.5litre jug.  I am challenging myself to drink my water on a daily basis and finish that jug of water daily.

I’m also going to report back to you, the reader, every now and then about any changes I notice in myself and my body. 

I want to know though… how many of my readers are going to join me with this challenge?  Are you going to get your family involved too?  Post a comment below if you are in!

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