Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Saturday well spent

I have had a wonderful week.  I have cooked a total of 4 meals, and I have another one planned for tomorrow.  The meal plan I got from What's For Dinner has worked beautifully well for me, and I cannot wait to see next week’s meal plan.

I set the table nicely for Mark and myself after making Chicken and Veg Pasta for lunch in my little kitchen.

Below is how I set the table.  I moved the table from the kitchen to the living room so we could watch an episode of Stargate SG-1 while we ate.  We have been watching for some time because we only watch while we eat.


Below is a photograph of my kitchen (before I moved the table to the living room.  The food was busy cooking on the stove when I took this picture.


Mark was busy building today.  I have a vine rose bush growing in the garden, but it didn’t have anything to climb, so it was lying in a heap on the ground.  Mark has spent the day building something for it to climb.  Even in the winter it got so hot in the sun he had to take his shirt off to stay cool.


And this is what it looks like so far, but it’s not finished yet.


While Mark worked out in the garden, I took advantage of the warm winter sun too.  I pulled out my knitting needles to carry on a scarf I never got around to finishing last winter.  I have since been inspired though to try and use it as part of a larger project (making a blanket), but I’ll see how it goes.  This is the work so far, it looks a little uneven near the top, but that is just because the stitches are scrunched up.


Lastly, here is a photograph of my little girl, Zoey.  She’ll be 3 months old on 12 June.  Zoey is an English Cocker Spaniel.


And that has been my beautiful relaxing Saturday!

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