Sunday, June 3, 2012

The end of an awesome weekend

Sunday morning I finally got around to hanging up the black curtains in the living room.  I have only had lace curtains in the living room since I moved in. 


Zoey decided that my washing basket was a great deal like her bed and made herself comfortable there.


Mark finished off the project he started on Saturday morning.  I found a metal wire spider in a tree in the garden, so I decided to hang it where it is more noticeable.



Zoey was playing in the leaves, and got a leaf stuck to her.  With it’s position it reminds me of the drawings of Adam and Eve in children’s Bibles!


We had a lovely Sunday Braai with Mark’s cousin and his fianc√©. Here are some pictures of the food we ate.  The Braai was held at my house.

The sandwiches I prepared (to be toasted on the Braai)


Mark preparing the Mushrooms.


The food on the Braai


The meal on the table


My Sunday finished off with Church at the Kovsie Kerk (the student church for those who don’t know).  We had a wonderful sermon on Daniel 6.  And lastly coffee from McDonald’s.

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