Thursday, May 31, 2012

Character traits of Disney Princesses that women should strive to have – Part 1

Today I start a series on what character traits I have learned from Disney Princesses.  This first installment is going to be about the very first Disney Princess:

Snow White was dealt a bad hand from the moment her father died, she had lots to be depressed about.  How would you feel if you were a servant to a step-mother who wants to kill you and then a maid to 7 men?  But here are some important things that can be learned from her.

  1. She was always singing and very seldom was down.  The first time we see her cry wasn’t really because she was depressed, but from the shock of nearly being killed!
  2. Natural beauty inside and out – she made every good person and animal love her.  She wouldn’t harm a fly if she could help it.
  3. Hard working and self sufficient – she did the housework for seven men in return for room and board.
  4. Gentle feminine ways – the 7 dwarves loved her so much they created a beautiful glass coffin for her.  Her prince charming had never met her, but because he saw how much she touched other people’s lives and that is what made him fall in love with her before they had spoken a word.
  5. Air of innocence – in her heart she was always a little girl.
  6. Motherly – she had a motherly instinct to look after the 7 dwarves, who despite their age were more like 7 children (that’s what happens when men don’t have a women in their lives).
  7. Never complained – Not once do we hear her complain about the hand she was dealt.
  8. Always assumed the best in people – even after her step mother tried to kill her, she still assumed the best of others and would see them from innocent eyes.


  1. Thinking about all the Disney princesses Snow White had the best character traits and I can't think of anything negative about her.

    1. Hi Regina! Neither can I, I can see why she was Walt Disney's favourite princess and why he held such a special place in his heart for her.

  2. Although everything placed above, I find Snow White, along with a few other princesses (Aurora) to be completely underdeveloped. They are shown to have very nice qualities and the like, yet they are bland in my opinion. Pocahontas (not getting started with all the historical stuff and why it was done wrongly) was maternal, learning to be a leader and very balanced. Ariel was curious and that got her into trouble which is something we can relate too. Belle had some form of intelligence being a book worm and struggled because she didn't fit in with everyone else.

    Although she was one of the, if not the first, she's just perfect for fairytale because we humans are just naturally flawed and have both good and bad qualities, hers would be blandness. Still love all princesses though, such contradictory thoughts.