Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's day to all of you!  I hope you are all having a great day, and if you are not being spoiled by someone else, I hope you are spoiling yourselves!
My Valentine's Day has been super special!

I got home from work to find Mark washing my dishes for me.  He said "I hope you don't mind if we just stay in tonight, money is a little tight right now."  I know that money is tight, I haven't got him anything, but I did say I'd make supper tonight.
I noticed one of my candles was missing from the bookcase, Mark said he found it chewed up outside... the cat must have knocked it down and the dog got it.

Mark suggested we sit outside and chat a bit.  I opened the back door and there was a pathway of candles to the outside table.  On the table was a bottle of wine and two glasses.  Around each candle was a little material bag (from my jewelry box) with a note + an item of MY jewelry inside.  The first note said I had to find the odd bag out.
Eventually I found a bag with a key inside.  Then I had to figure out where the key fit.  It fit into the chest in my bedroom.  Inside the chest (right on top of my winter wardrobe) was a tiny little gift box.  Inside the gift box was a bracelet.  Every second link in the bracelet has something different written on it.
Mark says chose the links himself (you buy them individually).  The links say:
Friends for life, Cherish, Forever in my heart, Music lover, Integrity, Live Love Laugh, Follow your dreams, Faith Hope Love, I love You.
I must hand it to Mark, he always finds really cheap ways to be romantic, and he knows exactly what to do to make me feel like a Queen :-)

Oh, and my dog had a red bow around her... :-)