Thursday, June 14, 2012

Admirable Character Traits of Disney Princesses (Part 8)

Princess Number 8 of the 10 Disney Princesses is Mulan. I thought Jasmine was hard to write about, but Mulan is proving even more difficult…


What appeals to me the most about Mulan’s character is that she was completely willing to fulfil her duty as a woman in the society she was raised in, but she was not created to be the typical woman.  Instead she was created to be extremely unordinary.  Occasionally in human history we are faced with woman like this one, woman who are simply MADE by God to go against the grain… examples: Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I

Woman like Mulan are extremely rare and if you find a handful in each generation we should consider ourselves blessed.  There is only 1 Disney Princess in this league and that is Mulan.  So let’s take a look at her personality traits:

  1. Self-reliant – she counts on herself to get things done and doesn’t expect anyone to be there for her.  A woman with this trait won’t ask somebody to do something for her if she can do it herself.
  2. Not arrogant in her self-reliance – she has the personality to appreciate help when it is offered to her, and doesn’t show arrogance towards offers of help.
  3. Determined – she will try and try again until she gets something right.  She will never accept that she cannot do something.
  4. Innovative – she will look at a problem and find an innovative solution to it within her capabilities.
  5. Mischievous – she has the little girl naughtiness about her.  A woman with this trait may be the sort to occasionally play a harmless prank on her family which then turns into a game… e.g. shoot her children with a water pistol from behind the garage when they least expect it on a hot summers day.
  6. Respectful – Mulan respected her family, her elders and her superiors (in the army), even if she didn’t always follow or agree with them, she was always respectful in her speech to them.

Yet again I ask my readers, do you know any more of her traits?


  1. Ashleigh, I've really been enjoying your Disney Princess series! I keep wanting to comment, but as soon as I try to organize my thoughts my kids interrupt me! I've only seen Mulan once and that was years and years and years ago when I was babysitting someone's kids overnight (I was only 16 or 17!), so I don't have much to say about her. I know you don't get a huge number of comments on your blog, but keep writing! I, for one, enjoy reading what you write!

    1. Hello Christephi, I'm so glad that you have been enjoying the Disney Princess Series. I'll definitely keep writing this blog. I have really got into it now and I have been lining up posts a few days in advance. It works so much better than trying to find something to write about at the last minute!
      May God Bless you!