Monday, November 7, 2011

Been a while…

It has been quite some time since my last blog post.  Goes to show how life can get carried away with you.  So much has happened, so here is an update:



My work is going amazingly well.  I still love my job and all it entails.  I am challenged every day.  Like always, it is top secret (considering I am in the Research and Development Department) so I cannot say much more than what I have just said, but I feel so blessed to be working amongst so many amazing Christian people.  I adore my job and will stick it out as long as God wants me to, and when he says it is time to move on I’ll do so gracefully.



Big news here, and I am going to keep it simple since there are a lot of details that the parties involved wouldn’t want me to post online.  William and I have ended our engagement.  It was mostly my decision.  I feel as though we were not as compatible on a moral and spiritual level as I once thought we were.  It officially ended on the 28th of October 2011.


In the past week there have been some other developments on the relationship front which I am also not at liberty to discuss right now.  However, when / if the situation stabilizes and I receive permission from the involved parties, I’ll be sure to give the entire story…



God has been blessing my socks off.  I’m still going to the Home Cell group, some weeks our numbers are fewer than others, but it is such a blessing to be around like-minded Christians.  I have also started attending a church with our Home Cell host, Mark.  He’s a guitarist and worship leader for the church band at the Student Church on the university campus, so I have been joining him there on Sunday mornings.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the few services I have been to, and I even went to both the morning and the evening service this past Sunday.


I have been growing so much in God’s word and God has really been speaking to me in so many little ways.  I am so blessed and I am in such an amazing place right now I cannot imagine ever wanting to live my life otherwise.


What God has really been speaking to me about though, is to prepare myself to be the helpmeet of my future husband, whoever that may be.  I know that God has an absolutely amazing man planned for me, and God will write my perfect love story in his time, I just need to be patient and keep my life centred on God.  I know that my future husband and I will definitely have a relationship centred on God.


Building Sandcastles

A very good friend of mine gave me a perfect metaphor for describing the dreams and images we build in our minds, and that is to build sandcastles.  Sometimes we get a bully that breaks down our sandcastle, sometimes our sandcastle doesn’t turn out exactly like we planned, but sometimes, if it is in line with God’s dreams for our lives, the sandcastle turns out exactly like we planned it.


I know what dreams I have for my life.  I dream of a relationship with my husband where we go to church together on a Sunday.  A relationship where we start and end the day in prayer.  A relationship where I can support, challenge and encourage my husband on his walk with God.  A relationship where I can be a keeper of our home and create a refuge for my husband to come to after a long day.  A relationship where I can support my husband in building his sandcastles.  The only way I could do all these things though, is if God wishes me to do them.   With God’s help I can do this, but without God at the centre of all of it, I will stumble and fall.


In Closing:

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time online and really get back to blogging again, especially now that my body has got used to the stress of working an 8am to 5pm job.

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  1. Great to see you back blogging! thanks for catching us up on your world.