Thursday, June 2, 2011

God’s hand in everything

Remember that a while ago I told everyone I had a secret that I couldn’t share yet? I have got to the point where I can share the secret.  On Tuesday, I got a job as a Junior Programmer.  Looking back at the whole process I am amazed at how God seemed to move everything into place at the perfect time.

Firstly, I wasn't even looking for a new job, but out of the blue I got a phone call from a recruitment agency (I still have no idea how they got my number) to tell me about the job and ask if I would be interested in going for an interview.  I went with the thought in mind that God must be involved in this because I wasn't even looking for a job.

I was then called for a second and a third interview.  Next I was called to work for the company for 2 days as a trail period.  As of Tuesday I was offered the job.  I am utterly amazed. 

Not only this, but the timing is perfect too.  I recently moved into a larger home and while I didn't overspend and I could afford it, I knew it would be a little tighter on cash than previously.  I need to work because I am supporting myself (my father passed away last year).  My salary has effectively doubled with this new job, so I'll be earning more than enough to meet my needs - God provides!

The timing was perfect in another way, at my current job the easiest time of year to make a switch in career is June/July or December/January.  This is because the University holidays happen at this time of year so the campus is very quiet and my work is at it's end until the next semester starts.  My new work wants me to start on the 1st of July!  The timing was absolutely perfect!

One more thing happened that I saw God's hand in.  There is one student who is really struggling financially.  He is working every odd job that he can to get through university and guess what?  He is the most qualified person to take over my job from me!  He knows more about how I run the course than anybody else (excluding my boss).  It hasn't been confirmed that he will get my old job yet, but I know he needs it - so this is perfect for him too!

Even though I want to be a stay-at-home wife and mother someday, it cannot be denied that God's hand has been in this change of jobs for me.  It seems as though this is where he wants me to be for now because with every interview I prayed that he would stop the process if it wasn't his plan for me for the moment.

Praise be to God!

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