Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our pet babies

No photo’s since they are too small to photograph, but two of our mommy guppies gave birth.  The one yesterday and the other one today.  The first gave birth to about 17 young ones and the second gave birth to about 41 babies.  They are currently in a separate tank so that they can all grow up together and be safe from the hungry mommies (and other fish).


This is the first set of babies that have ever been born under my roof.  None of our pets ever fell pregnant while I was a child so this is very exciting for me.  All I want to do is sit at the fish tank and watch all the little babies swimming around.


On top of that two of my budgies (Lee and Stitch) have been very friendly towards each other recently and today Lee was climbing into and out of the nesting box.  He is probably just being curious, but I am hoping that I’ll have baby budgies someday too.


  1. Ohhh Guppies! I used to have guppies and they had given birth a couple times! I always loved watching them to see what color they would be and all!

  2. I also loved them, since then my guppies have dropped many times, but I am leaving them all together in a "Small Tropical Fish" tank and believe it or not, some of the babies are surviving (of course I have lot's hiding places for them) - I also love watching them grow to see their colours.