Wednesday, October 16, 2013

30 Days to make a habit: Walk the dog daily

Some time ago I heard the saying "it takes 30 days to make a habit".  I have finally started on my 30 day journey to turn walking the dog daily into a habit.

I am on day 11 now. I will definitely say that the "30 days to make a habit" phrase is true.

In addition to walking the dog, I am also getting up before 6am daily. If I don't, then I won't have enough time to walk the dog and shower before heading off to work at 7am.

Some of you reading this will get impatient thinking "I don't have 30 days to turn all I want to do into habits" and you may try to do more than one habit at a time.

I want to say, do some simple maths. How old are you? How long do you expect to live? Life expectancy minus age and multiply by 12. That is how many habits you can still learn by doing this method.

I hope to live to at least 90, I am 28. 62 years multiply by 12... that is 744 habits I can still learn (if the maths I did in my head is correct).

Also, I have found that by getting one habit I am also getting a side effect of other habits being developed... like reading my Bible in the mornings in the last 15 minutes before I leave for work and waking up before 6.

I strongly recommend trying this for yourself.

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