Sunday, November 21, 2010

A college example

Please Note: This entire story is fictional
One day, at a well-known college, a little known Christian youth minister was giving a sermon in one of the campus halls.  4 friends, Amy, Samantha, Carrie and Joanne decided to go and listen to what he had to say.  The sermon was very powerful, it gave the four friends a lot to think about.

That night, Samantha lay thinking about it in bed.  Her logical mind analysed every bit of the sermon, arguing backwards and forwards.  Eventually she convinced herself it was all nonsense and went to sleep.  She never opened her heart to God again.  But, Amy, Carrie and Joanne listened and accepted Jesus into their hearts that night.

Amy was overjoyed with her new found faith.  She bought modest clothing, she stopped drinking, she did everything she could think of to live a Christian life, but she neglected to build her faith on a relationship with God.  She didn’t read her Bible, she didn’t pray.  Even though on the outside she looked the part, inside she her faith had no depth.  A short while later, her parents were killed in a car accident and she was left to fend for herself.  She had to get a job to pay for her living expenses, she had to stop studying.  She couldn’t understand how a God who she felt she gave everything to could allow this to happen.  She then turned her back on God.

Carrie, like Amy, was also eager about her faith at first.  That weekend she went out with some of her other friends to a club.  She tried to tell them about God, but they didn’t want to listen.  She ordered a soda and enjoyed the evening with her friends.  Carrie, in her own mind, lived a Christian life, but those around her did not see it.  She would go out drinking on Saturday nights and listen to the Christian radio station on Sunday mornings.  None of her friends realised she was a Christian.

Joanne, got home from the sermon and got out her Bible to look up the verses the youth minister had given them.  She didn’t quite believe yet.  After a little while, reading and studying God’s word, she accepted Jesus as her saviour.  She didn’t bite of more than she could chew like Amy.  She allowed her faith to grow slowly as God lead her.  Joanne, joined a church, she read her Bible, she prayed, and God slowly moulded her over time.  After college, Joanne had the opportunity to go on a mission trip where she met her husband.  They married and had children who they raised according to God’s word.  Their family touched the hearts of everyone they met and inspired them to live according to God’s word.  And they lived happily ever after….

Which one of the 4 friends are you?  I know that I used to be like Carrie. Now, God has shown me the error of my ways, and I am striving to be like Joanne.

This story is based on a parable Jesus told in Mark 4:1-20.

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