Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In my dreams: Dad, Church and the Mercedes

Sometimes I have quite vivid dreams, and I remember them rather well.  There are times when I have dreams with other people in them that I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about to the other people, but other times I have dreams that only relate to myself.  I think it would help if I had a place to write about them, so I’m going to include them onto my blog. 

A little background may be needed first. My dad past away on the 30 June 2010.  He bought a Mercedes Benz second hand, which he paid to be fixed up, but he passed away before it was finished and never got to drive it. I have my dad’s Mercedes now.  I have a dog, Zoey, who is a Black Cocker Spaniel.  I am married to Mark Letley.  I grew up in a Baptist Church, and Mark grew up in a Methodist Church.

Last night my dream went as follows:

I was in a parking lot at a shopping centre.  In this parking lot I was redoing a drivers license, but I was doing it in my dad’s Mercedes.  I failed my the license because the edge of the cars right hand tyres was touching the white line of the parking space when I was reverse parking (or ally docking) into the space.

The instructor drove me back to where my dad was waiting and he [my dad] got into the drivers seat.  My mom was in the shopping mall looking at books or something in one of the shops.  My dad and I decided we were going to get a milkshake at the Wimpy on the beachfront while waiting for my mom.  I had a distinct feeling that we were in East London.  Zoey was sitting on the back seat of the car.

While we were driving to the beach front, my dad asked me if Mark and I had been going to church.  I said we went to a specific Baptist church twice [I actually remember which one I said we went to, but I personally have never been into that one, I have only seen the outside], but the people there were VERY traditional – as in over the top traditional, as in the pastor preached on tradition more than on the word of God. [I haven’t been to a church like this before, and definitely not with Mark]

So Mark and I had found a different church that we were attending, one that was multidenominational, a little more lively and preaching the solid word of God.

My dad was happy about that, he also asked who had “broken in” his car, and commented on the excellent care of it.  Basically he was happy that we was getting to drive it finally.

It was then that I woke up with the alarm clock this morning (about 5am)

Some strange thoughts:

The church that Mark and I “tried” in my dream I actually remember going to in a previous dream I had.  In my dream I remembered back to a previous dream.  I remember some of the faces of people in the congregation, I remember the layout of the church, I remember being bored stiff through the sermon.  I remember having to politely tell the people why we had decided we were not going there a third time, telling them which church we were going to now.  Trying to explain ourselves, the criticism when we said we were leaving… I remember all the details of a previous dream.

This is the street I remember driving down with my dad in my dream, I remember it clearly:

Street In East London

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  1. Aren't dreams fascinating!? I frequently have vivid dreams, sometimes I even have "lucid dreams" where I can sort of control what happens next or I'm slightly aware that I'm dreaming. Very strange.

    A time or two I've had dreams that were clearly from the Lord. Warnings to choose the path of righteousness rather than continuing in my sin, that sort of thing.

    My dreams while pregnant were by far the most vivid and bizarre. Perhaps someday you'll see what I mean! :-)