Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tick Bite Fever

Yesterday, Mark went to the doctor.  It is official, he has Tick Bite Fever.  The doctor has said he needs to stay in bed for a week. 

I have taken the day off work today to look after him.  Hopefully he will be well enough to look after himself from tomorrow, if not I will be relying on his mother to keep an eye on him.  He should be well enough to move to her house.

So how did he get this illness?  We think it is because he rides his bicycle to work through a veld (field).  There is a definite bite mark on his foot, we didn’t think anything of it though and it happened a week or so before he got sick.

What we suspect is that the tick caught onto his shoe or sock.  He then took his shoes and socks off at work and put on work shoes/socks.  The tick then crawled into the sock, which he put on after work to cycle home.

Moral of the story: Check your socks/shoes for ticks, or pack an extra pair of socks.

Hubby all tucked up with fresh sheets!

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