Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday News: Sick Week

My Week:

This week has been a rather shaky one for me.  I cannot really remember what happened on Monday.  I know that on Tuesday I did some Christmas shopping at a shopping mall.  I bought myself a few nice hats and Guitar Hero for my Nintendo Wii along with a few gifts for other people.

Wednesday is when the week stopped for me.  At around lunchtime I got a horrible fever and was in bed.  I assumed it was a 24-hour flu and stayed in bed.  I took an aspirin and got take-away food for supper, then went back to bed.  It was a horrible night.

Thursday I still had the fever as well as a few other symptoms.  I was able to sit at the computer long enough to do a search for the symptoms.  They fit perfectly with Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis.  I did what the websites suggested and my fever broke at around 8am Friday morning.

Friday, I stayed in bed another day, since I still felt nauseous whenever I stood up for too long, and finished reading a book.  I drank plenty of fluids, the aim is to get better now.

Saturday, I got my first really good look at the kitchen – WHAT A MESS!!!! (ok, now I thought of that little Afghan dog from children’s stories).  I washed the dishes, then lay on the sofa drinking teas and watching movies.  I still felt weak, but I assume that is because of the lack of food.

Sunday,  I still feel weak, and slightly dehydrated.  I’m going to take it slow today, but I am going to do some serious cleaning.


In other news:

My yellow budgie, Leya, seemed really worried about me while I was sick.  I usually let her loose in the house during the day for exercise.  She kept flying into my bedroom and onto my bed to “look” at me, then she would fly out the room again. Cute pet – I didn’t know she cared!

William and my mom also kept phoning to find out how I was.  My mom is still going to be working until the 15th and so is William.  William might even have to work right up until Christmas, and that means we won’t see each other until New Years Eve.

As the plans stand, we are going to visit William’s dad at the coast for a few days from the 18th, then travel inland and spend Christmas with my family in my hometown, then travel back here around the 27th and spend New Years Eve with William’s grandparents.  This may have to change if William has to work until Christmas.  If he does I’ll be leaving on the 15th or 16th to go to my hometown and spend time with my mom and other family coming back for New Years Eve.


Now to get to the cleaning!

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