Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bible Mondays: What any fool can do

While looking through my dad’s Bible a few weeks ago I came across a tract with the title “What Any Fool Can Do”.  I wish I had a scanner so I could put it up here on my blog, but there was only 1 picture, and it was of a stick man with a triangle hat (like the “Dunce” hat in cartoons).  The rest of the tract had the following words that I thought I would share:


What Any Fool Can Do

  1. Any fool can take a drink of liquor.
  2. Any fool can smoke a cigarette.
  3. Any fool can take drugs that are harmful.
  4. Any fool can indulge in improper conduct

It doesn’t require any brains to do these things, and it isn’t very smart to copy what any fool can do.  But it does require moral courage to resist temptation, to flee from evil, to say “NO” and then to stand your ground in spite of ridicule.


Years ago, as he neared the end of his days, King Saul said, “I have played the fool”. He had failed in the high purpose to which God had called him.


As you grow older will you, too, someday say with sad regret, “I have played the fool”?


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