Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Budgie Photo’s

Here are some pictures of my 2 budgies:




The green/yellow budgie is Luke.  He was bought as a companion of the yellow budgie.  The yellow budgie’s name was Leia, until I found out she was a he, now his name is Lee.


The budgies love sitting on the blinds rail in the living room.  Occasionally Lee will fly to the bathroom and sit on the shower rail, but they mostly stick to the Living-room area.


Here is a picture of their cage, which I feel is way to small for them, so they only use it to eat and sleep in.  During the day they are free to roam my home as they please.



Another one of Lee.  Lee is the most tame out of the two.  He will sit on my shoulder, or hair, or hand and actively tries to get my attention when I am busy cleaning or doing other work.  However, he hates to be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do.  He will not come to my hand when I want him to, but rather waits until I am busy to decide he wants attention from me.


And those are my pets!


  1. They are beautiful budgies!!!

  2. You can tell Lee is the tame one - he looks at the camera! Beautiful birdies!


  3. Now that you say that Linda, I see it in the photo's too. Thanks!

  4. Lovely birds! We have a couple parakeets too -- Ibon and Tweet-tweet. Ibon is "bird" in Tagalog. What can I say, the kids named them! I don't let them fly around the house much though...they tend to chew on things they ought not (like window sills and book bindings!) Still, they get out and stretch their wings every other day or so. Mine like to sit on the ceiling fan, when it's not on, of course. The baby thinks it's the greatest thing ever when they fly around.

    I'm visiting your blog from the OFCH group...I need to add you to my blog reader!