Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Plans & other news

It is official, William and I have signed the rental contract for the two-bedroom townhouse.  We can start moving my stuff in from the 1st of May.  This means that my current home is going to be “On Show” soon (for the new tenants).


Yesterday I spent part of the day cleaning the bedroom.  William helped me move my bed from the centre of the room to the wall.  It is more convenient for me to have my bed in the centre of the room, but the room looks larger when the bed is against the wall, and that will come in handy when trying to find a new tenant for the house.


We also managed to find a larger bird cage for my two budgies, now I won’t be letting them free all day every day anymore.  The new home will have a lot more windows than my current home, so it won’t be safe to let them roam free all day while I am not there.


Today is going to be a busy day.  William has a job interview which is currently on the go.  I’m keeping him in my thoughts and prayers since he really needs this job.  Other than that, I also need to stop by the bank and pay the deposit for the townhouse today.  Finally I need to get the license disk for my scooter and fetch it from William’s grandparents house.  I’m looking forward to driving it again.


As far as housework, I plan to make sure the kitchen is spotless by the end of today too.  I want to finish getting my home ready for people to look at it.


May God Bless you as you have blessed others =)

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