Thursday, February 9, 2012

Energy Drainers

There are times in a persons life where you have to take an audit of relationships, goals and possessions.  The audit is especially necessary when you are beginning to feel your energy levels are low.  What is draining all your energy?

An elderly lady living by herself in a huge house may find that maintaining such a large house is her energy drainer and she decides to downsize to something smaller.  Suddenly she seems to have all the energy of her youth again.

Sometimes you just need to let go of possessions that are controlling you.

A middle-aged man trying to climb the corporate ladder may feel he has no energy to do so because when he was younger all he wanted to do was be a mechanic, but his father pushed him into a management career path.  By changing careers and accepting a lower salary he no longer feels drained of energy because he is doing something he enjoys.

Sometimes you need to let go of the goals other people have set for you.

A teenager keeps trying to build up her friendship with someone, but that person isn’t trying in return.  The teenager pushes all her energy into the friendship, but the person on the receiving end is a black hole.  The teenager makes the tough decision to stop trying and focus the energy on other people who are more receptive.  By dropping one energy draining friendship, the teenager gains more, less-demanding friends and is happier.

Sometimes you need to let go of relationships that demand more of you than you receive in return.

With the above example, I still encourage you to be Christ-like.  Don’t write off the person completely, just stop putting all your energy into the relationship.  If the person who is receiving the friendship comes to you, receive them with open arms (like the prodigal son in the parable).  Never stop loving them, just stop wasting energy on them.

The question is, what are your energy drainers?  Where can you cut back? 

When something becomes a burden it is time to move on.

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  1. Sure I agree with the last example but then people should realise this and not keep telling you that you are pushing your friends away, they should realise that maybe it is what is best for you and not what might be best for them because it isn't convenient for them or they disagree. I mean someone might consider me a friend but I only see them as an aquaintance does that mean I am now pushing them away because I don't treat them as a friend? The problem I have with people is that they think something is right for you and then when you don't agree you are being rash, or inconsiderate, or bitter, or just plain unfriendly. Sometimes one needs to "push" your "friends" away because they just aren't good for you, because they are doing more harm in your life than they are good.