Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sailing with Mark

Here are a few of the photographs I took while sailing with Mark.  Of course I didn’t take my phone out on the boat (which is a Hobie Cat).
Mark and his boat – about to start offloading it from the trailer
Let the setup begin!
Mark and his boat, ready to go!
The boat in dock, while we drink our water.
Mark and Chris getting ready to go out (this was after the first trip where I went out with Mark)
Mark and Chris on their way back in.


  1. How great to see you posting again and I really like the posts. First of all the photos. . wow what a catch with Mark! . . .sure hope things are working out for you with him.
    Then I also like your posts about how to look at life and setting priorities.

    Will keep checking your blog for more posts.
    And I have always enjoyed the recipes that you have shared.

  2. Hello, thank you for the comment Judith. I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Mark is definitely a catch - I couldn't agree more!

    If you like my recipe's you should take a look at my dedicated Recipe blog:

    It is quite new, and a lot of the recipe's are repeats of what I have posted here before, but you might enjoy it!