Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On my mind… 18 September 2012

Trusting in God is easy.  Trusting in man is difficult.  At least that is how I feel. 

Let’s say that you promise a child a sweet if they sit down and be quiet, but that sweet never comes.  Time and time again you promise the child a sweet and never give the child the sweet.  Let’s pretend more than one adult uses the same promise on the child.  Then one day, an adult comes along that is trustworthy.  The adult promises the child a sweet.  Will the child believe them? No…  Children learn quickly.

The same thing happens to us in life.  People make us promises, we believe them, then we land up heartbroken when the person doesn’t follow through.  The easiest way to prevent yourself from being heartbroken is to guard your heart from trusting too easily – no problem…


That one person comes along who you can trust… and what happens?  All the other people who broke your trust ruin it for the one person who deserves it.  That person has to work double as hard to earn your trust.  Is that fair?

There comes a point where we have know when to break down the walls around our hearts.  Yes it is scary.  Yes you will feel vulnerable.  When the time is right, you know it needs to be done.


  1. Hey Ashleigh,
    Everything all right?
    Trusting a bit more? :)
    Missing you at the boards,

    1. Hi! Everything is going well. Thanks - like always, I get into slow seasons then busy seasons :)