Sunday, September 2, 2012

Plan for the day… 3 September 2012

It’s spring here in South Africa (finally!)  I know I am 3 days late on the spring post but I have had a busy weekend.

Just a quick update:

Mark is still out of town, he will be back on 9 September (my birthday).  It was his mom’s birthday last week Thursday, and his brother’s birthday last week Friday.  I had a great time at parties held for them both.

Thank you Pieter for walking me to my car, I can always count on you for being a gentleman when Mark’s not around.

And Thank you Leon for cooking my chicken sosaties so perfectly.  Great to know that men are willing to help.

As for today, so I have the outfit planned (it is the new one I bought last week).  I still don’t have a photograph because I still haven’t found the charger for my camera’s batteries.  Honestly, I haven’t looked very hard.  I’m going to try and find it when I am done with this post.

Here are the pictures from the clothing website where I bought the outfit:





As said, it is a bit different from my usual style since it includes Jeans, but I think it looks gorgeous.  All the clothes were bought from Mr Price online store and delivered to the shop where I collected and paid for them.

What is my plan for today?  I already had a little Quiet Time this morning, but I would like to sit and meditate on what I read ( Luke 24 )

Then it is the morning routine to get ready for work.  I need to drop Zoey off at Mark’s parents (they have been babysitting during the week).

She has got so big!


Then it is off to work and back home again tonight.  Not sure what will happen then, only time will tell!


  1. I looked up the exchange rate... good prices compared to usa sally

    1. Hi Sally, The prices are good, but a person also needs to remember that the our income/salaries are also a lower than in the USA.

      Thank you for the comment!