Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preparation for a new beginning

Better to sit all night than go to bed with a dragon


Each time we wake up God gives us a unique gift.  A completely new day ahead and complete freedom to choose how to spend that day, but sometimes we get caught up in life before our day even begins.


Some people like to start their new day focused on God, but so often things happen in our life to prevent us from starting our day focused on God.  I know that it happens to me regularly, or at least it used to.  I have discovered something that helps me start the day the right way.  My discovery is to end the day the right way first.


At night, before I go to bed, I sit in my quiet spot.  At the moment, my “quiet spot” is a cushion on the floor of my bedroom with candles and an incense burner.  I just sit on the cushion in my quiet spot for a few minutes before praying. 


I do this to calm my mind after the day.  So often my mind is racing in the evenings.  Thoughts pop in and I shove them out.  All these thoughts prevent me from falling asleep, but they also prevent me from focusing on my Lord while I pray in the evenings.  I am sure that many people who read this know what I am talking about.


My solution: I sit quietly, I listen to my thoughts, I acknowledge each thought, I write a note if I feel it is necessary, everything that comes into my mind I listen to.  When my mind is quiet (it usually takes 5 minutes), I begin spending time with my Lord.  Because my mind is now quiet, I can listen for His voice and guidance without interruption. 


Results: I fall asleep more easily.  My time with my Lord is more intense.  When I wake up in the morning, I wake up calm and focused on the new day ahead, prepared to do my Lord’s will.


Better to sit all night than go to bed with a dragon

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