Thursday, August 9, 2012

Menu Plan for 9 August 2012 to 15 August 2012

In my attempt to be a better homemaker, I’ve come up with a menu plan for myself for the week ahead.  Here is what will be cooking in my kitchen.  Recipe’s can be found by following the links.
Breakfast Lunch Supper
Thursday Cereal / Toast / Yoghurt Sandwiches Braai with friends
Apricot Cinnamon Cake
Friday Cereal / Toast / Yoghurt Sweet and Sour Noodles Macaroni Cheese
Saturday Cheese Puffs Easy Savoury Tart Leftovers from Saturday Lunch
Sunday Farmhouse Omelette Potato Bake
with Braai Meat and vegetables
Leftovers from Sunday Lunch
Monday Cereal / Toast / Yoghurt Leftovers from Sunday Lunch
Leftovers from Sunday Lunch
Tuesday Cereal / Toast / Yoghurt Leftovers from Sunday Lunch Mashed Potato and Chicken Casserol
Wednesday Cereal / Toast / Yoghurt Mashed Potato and Chicken Casserole
Broccoli Mashed Potatoes

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