Sunday, July 22, 2012

In my day… 23 July 2012

Today is the first day back at work after being on leave for 3 weeks.  I will say that it I have a set of mixed emotions.  Eager to get back to a regular routine, but also slightly sad.  It’s not fun leaving the house when it is dark and getting home with only 15-20 minutes left of daylight.  It leaves hardly any time to work in the garden, walk Zoey or do other outdoor activities.  I find I get really depressed if I don’t see the sun.  I can only imagine what the people in England feel like.

Luckily the daylight hours are getting more and more now so I’ll be able to take advantage of them.  Sunrise at 7am today and sunset at 5:34pm.

6am and I’ve made my coffee, done my morning prayer and Bible reading, and packed away the washed dishes.  Next on the list, make the bed and do my morning hygiene routine.

All in all, I think today is going to be a good day.  I didn’t oversleep, any day I don’t oversleep is bound to be a good day.

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