Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


Jane Eyre is by far one of my favourite novels.  Set around 1840 (soon after the Jane Austin novels) a person can already see the difference between the generations.

Jane Eyre is an orphan who was first being raised by an Aunt through marriage.  She was ill-treated in the house and often beaten by her cousin.  Jane was then sent to a school where she wasn’t treated much better.  Finally, as an adult she get’s a post as a governess and that is where the love story begins.

The book is an easier read than Jane Austin’s and it has a sense of darkness and mystery to the story.  There are many twists and turns throughout the novel, and the author captured the emotions of the characters beautifully.

If you enjoy romance and mystery, then I strongly recommend this novel.  And what could be better than knowing it is a free download for Kindle from Amazon!

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