Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Ubuntu 12.04

Yesterday I bought a laptop.  It came with Windows 7 Starter Edition, which is a really limited version of Windows 7, I couldn't even change the background of my desktop.  I was already planning on putting Ubuntu on the laptop, but I wasn't sure if I was going to dual-boot (run 2 operating systems for those who are not geeks) or remove Windows completely and put Ubuntu only on the system.

Well, when I saw that the supplier had installed Windows 7 Starter without giving me the option of any other Operating System, but also partitioned (separated) the hard drive into 2 parts (one for the OS and one for Data - I hate that).  I decided I was going to run Ubuntu exclusively.

I downloaded the install and a little application to turn my flash drive (pen stick) into an install disk.  Plugged it into my laptop and presto, the PC picked it up and asked me how I wanted to proceed.

I chose the option of completely removing Windows, and the partitions on my hard drive, then I just filled in my information, hit the continue button a few times and within 20 minutes I had a fully functioning Ubuntu notebook.

Setting up my 3G Internet connection was even simpler than it was on Windows.  I didn't have to install any software.  I just plugged in the 3G stick, clicked on the connect option and off I went.

What is more, is that Ubuntu is completely free, and there is so much free software so easily available.  This strongly appeals to my rebel side because I am against any organization which makes me feel as though I have no other option but to buy their product.  I like options.

So go to the Ubuntu website:


Take the tour, and perhaps consider it the next time you buy a PC.  I strongly recommend.


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    1. Thank you for the comment. As an update, Ubuntu 12.04 is not for an avid PC-Gamer (rather get a Mac or a Windows PC for that) but it is still awesome for anybody that is using their PC for standard stuff like emails, surfing the net and typing documents. I'm still happy running Ubuntu 12.04 on my notebook, but I do have Windows 7 on my Desktop PC.