Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 2: Look your best

Due to my holiday, I skipped last week’s post about treating yourself like a Queen.  Remember, you are a Queen or Princess in your household and you need to treat yourself like one then other people will follow and also treat you like one.

Today I want to talk about looking your best every day. 

This is a big thing for me because I’m the sort of person who will take whichever shirt is on the top of the pile of shirts, then find a skirt and shoes to match it.  If it is winter I’ll throw on a few layers to keep warm, but my entire clothing decision usually rests on what shirt is at the top of my pile of clothing that morning.

Some things that I think I should mention about myself:

  1. I don’t wear make-up unless I am going on a date or I have to dress up for some reason.
  2. I don’t wear heals unless I am going out for dinner or I’m going to a wedding.
  3. I very seldom wear pants.  Once I was a tomboy and wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress/skirt, but I’ve changed my thinking on that recently.
  4. I don’t paint my nails in any way other than a plain French manicure unless I’m dressing up for something.

I have personal reasons for these decisions that are rooted in my beliefs regarding woman and modest dress.  I am not here to lecture you, and I don’t expect everyone to believe the same as me, so I’m going to drop the topic now.

Now I am wanting to talk about us, as Queens/Princesses and dressing/looking our best every day.  Why should we look our best? 

  1. If we take the time to dress and take pride in our appearance in the morning, it will overflow into our daily lives.  If we know we made an effort and we look our best, then the people around us will pick up on it and treat us accordingly.
  2. Renew love with your husband (or turn heads if single). 
    1. Many of the women reading this are married to loving husbands, you owe it to him to dress in a way that he will be proud of.  If you are in your sweatpants the whole day, don’t you think he would be unwilling to bring friends or a business partner home with him unexpectedly?
    2. Many of the women reading this are single and looking.  You don’t know when your husband will be brought into your life.  I’m sure that the right man for you won’t disappear because you are wearing sweatpants to the grocery store, but how embarrassing would it be if you are in your pyjama's and he shows up at your door with a bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring? 
      1. Story Example: I heard a story about a single woman who was running a day care, normally she was in her most comfy clothes when the mom’s brought their children in the morning.  One morning a different man stopped by with one of the boys, he was the single uncle who was babysitting the kids while the parents were off on vacation for a week.  That specific morning the woman had decided to dress up nicely to pamper herself.  He fell head over heals for her, later the week he offered to stay and help her in the day care, a few months later they were married, last I heard they were still happily married.  Later he said that he may not of even taken notice of her if she was wearing her comfy clothes, and he fondly describes the ankle length denim skirt, flower blouse and ballet flats she was wearing that day.  It was only on the second day that he noticed her beautiful personality that matched the outfit.

So now comes the next question: What can we do to look our best?

  1. Practice good hygiene
    1. Bath/Shower regularly (daily if possible)
    2. Brush your teeth morning and night
    3. Wash your hair as often as it needs it.
    4. Wear deodorant / perfume
  2. Take pride in your outfit (but don’t become vain)
    1. Choose your clothes the night before
    2. Make sure there are no holes in your clothes (unless they are button holes)
    3. Clothes should be crease free
    4. Clothes shouldn’t be too large or two small
    5. Cover up! – I cannot stress this enough.  If you go outside looking like a street corner business woman, then people will treat you like one.  Dress respectfully and you will be treated respectfully.
    6. Wear something feminine – A pretty bow, a floral skirt, a pink shirt etc.  Just one feminine item or accessory will make you shine in your womanly glory and make you feel more lady-like.Ashleigh Langhein - Valentine's Dance 2003
    7. Make an effort with your hair and make-up (if you wear make-up).  If you don’t wear make-up (like me) try simply a moisturizer or face cream that is not noticeable, just doing that can make you feel like you have had a professional make-up artist do your face for the day.
  3. Dress appropriately
    1. A woman in a red formal dress will turn heads at the grocery store, but it isn’t really suitable to grocery shopping occasion.  The same with a woman wearing jeans to a formal dance.  Dress in a way appropriate to the occasion.

And that is my advice.  Remember you are a Queen / Princess.  If you treat yourself like one, then other people will treat you like one.


  1. Great article, Ashleigh! Thanks for posting it. I really like the suggestion to wear something feminine. Just one item or accessory is all it takes. And, it really does make a big difference in how you're perceived. Thanks again for the great post!

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I'm happy to read that you enjoyed the article. God Bless!