Sunday, July 15, 2012

News: My Holiday (part 2)

Today I’m going to tell you about Part 2 of my holiday in the eastern cape.

After finding our way out of Frankfort and back onto the road to Gonubie we stopped over at the caravan resort for the night.  The caravan resort is right on the beach and they also have chalet’s that can be rented.  We basically went straight to bed (after a shower) when we got there and woke up before sunrise in the morning to head off to Port Alfred.

The roads were dark and misty as we left Gonubie and it was only much later when it stopped raining and we saw sunlight.

Port Alfred

We reached Port Alfred at about 8am and went straight to the beach front, considering the rain had stopped.  Here are some pictures of this part of the beachfront:

Beach 4, Port Alfred, Eastern CapeBeach 1, Port Alfred, Eastern CapeBeach 2, Port Alfred, Eastern CapeBeach 3, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

We after touching the sand on the beach (it was too cold to go to the water), we went to a Wimpy for breakfast and onwards to Port Elizabeth.

Port Elizabeth

It seems like we got there just before the rain started to pour down (God blessed us here).  We loaded up the furniture that I inherited from Aunty Molly.  One is a chest.  Looking at it I am constantly reminded of the Luggage in Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels.  I am half expecting little legs to pop out the bottom and for it to walk around after me.  It would have made loading it a lot easier since it is quite heavy.  Photo’s will come when I am back in Bloemfontein.

Port Elizabeth to Stutterheim

We drove back to Port Alfred, the light rain stopped there and we had clear skies all the way to East London and most of the way back to Queenstown.

We did have a problem with the car though.  We put in Diesel at the coast from a BP petrol station and the car seemed to get hickups.  We were in first gear on an uphill, and it wasn’t even a steep uphill.  My dad’s Mercedes should have handled it brilliantly.  We were not even sure we would get to Stutterheim safely.  We stopped there at a Shell petrol station and put in high quality low sulphur diesel.  The car worked amazingly well from that point onwards.  I’m so glad we mixed the bad diesel with the good.  It was a last minute fix, but it worked.

Stutterheim to Queenstown

Besides for the windscreen wiper deciding to turn on every time Mark used an indicator (it looked like the car got a fright every time he touched the lever), the rest of the trip back to Queenstown was uneventful.  We got home safely, offloaded the furniture and went to bed with a cup of tea.

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