Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I won’t be buying an iPad

I’m annoyed at Apple, actually I’m a little worse than annoyed.  I bought an iPod Touch during it’s first generation (about 3 years ago).  The iPod is still in perfect condition.  I still have excellent battery life and I have had absolutely no problems with the hardware.  To me this indicated amazing value for money. 

I had my Kindle application, and many other useful ones, so it was completely customized to my needs… then came the application updates.  One by one my applications were updated to versions that required iOS4 and higher.  The iPod Touch only goes as high as iOS3.1.3 – which I feel is acceptable because it is an old device.

My problem is that my applications stopped working after the upgrade and I cannot find the older versions of the applications anywhere, so now my iPod cannot do anything except the standard things which come with iOS3.1.3.  The older versions of the applications were working just fine, why was an upgrade even suggested if the upgrade was incompatible with my iOS?  Why am I now not able to downgrade?  I have no need to buy another iPod because this one’s hardware is still in brilliant condition, it’s the software that is no longer available. 

I was considering buying an iPad.  I was thinking about it very seriously today, but now I’m going to look for something running with and Android operating system.  It has become a matter of principle.  I’m not going to be buying another Apple device until I am provided with a place where I can install the older versions of software when my device becomes out-dated.  I feel like I’m being forced to discard my older device and buy a new one.  Well excuse me for being the opposite of this throw away culture and want to use something until it is completely and totally broken.

I’m ranting, but this is how I truly feel…

I’ve been hearing good things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab… I’m definitely going to be looking into one of those now that the Apple iPad is out of the question.

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